About us

We are a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, in engineering, IT and the arts, with expertise in many facets of business, including technological innovations for which patents have been granted.

Like most Indians, we love sweets, and we are proud of our country’s rich treasure chest of delicacies. But we felt that the ‘maharaja’ of sweets, the laddu, could be made even better with a little innovation. We wished it could be made more suitable for modern lifestyles and needs.

Wow Laddus is the result of this desire. It is also the result of several months of experimentation and research. Over 2000 people across India tasted and ‘beta tested’ several different versions of the recipes and gave detailed comments, thus contributing to its current avatar. With all your encouragement and feedback, we are sure we will add dozens of fresh and exciting variants.

But Wow Laddus is more than just a better laddu. We think our research for sourcing quality ingredients will help us find ways to improve the story of Indian millets. It will also lead to innovative ways to farm with less and less water, while bringing more high quality nutrition into our lives.

In the meanwhile, we hope Wow Laddus will help make all your celebrations special. For those from around the world who have sampled and loved the laddus, please give us a little more time as we fine tune the processes needed to take our laddus to Canada, Australia, the Middle East and the USA.