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Pure, wholesome ingredients.
Recipes that blend art and science to balance taste and nutrition.
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If you like laddus, you will love Wow Laddus. We aim to transform laddus from occasional guilty indulgence to a satisfying, nutritious treat that can turn any occasion into a joyous celebration.

Here’s how we make every laddu ‘wow’.

Recipes perfected over many rounds of testing. Wow Laddu recipes are lab tested for nutrition and purity, and ‘buddy tested’ for taste, by dozens of keen foodies. They are then tweaked, and tweaked again until everyone says ‘wow’. The ingredients are skillfully blended with minimal frying to preserve nutrients and enhance flavour.

Only wow ingredients make a Wow Laddu. We pick ingredients for their goodness as well as their yumminess. Then we find the best available varieties of these ingredients. No preservatives, colours or flavours are used.

Quality double checked at every step. The Wow Laddu quality process begins with the sampling and checking of ingredients and continues until the laddus are delivered to you.

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